Choral Recording Service

General Info

YOU choose the songs.

YOU sing the music.

WE come to your church to record.

WE professionally mix and master the CD.

WE design the CD.

WE manufacture the CD.

YOU get 1,000 or more commercial quality CDs of your parish choir singing 10 Catholic hymns and songs for only a fraction of what it would cost to produce the CD on your own.

How it works


  • A professional recording engineer. Recording engineer will be on-site, at your church, for 2 days recording your choir.
  • Use of commercial quality state-of-the-art recording equipment, including computer, software, microphones, interface and transmitter.
  • Use of 10 professionally orchestrated accompaniments of your choice, including: Full orchestra, chamber orchestra, classical sweetening, contemporary ensemble, or organ with brass.
  • On-site production, and post-tracking mixing and mastering of 10 tracks.
  • Choice of one of our professionally designed templates of CD graphics. You can customize the title, choir name and singer names.
  • Payment of mechanical royalties for all tracks on the CD.
  • Payment of travel and hotel for recording engineer.

  • Well-rehearsed choir.
  • Own choral music, purchased in advance for rehearsals, recording and subsequent use.
  • Suitable recording space within nave of church, undisturbed during recording sessions.
  • Use of adjacent room for engineer and recording equipment.
  • Use of two (2) dependable microphone stands with boom.
  • FM-radio “Walkman”with headphones to receive CRS audio signal during sessions.
  • Meals for recording engineer during his visit with the parish.
  • High quality (600 dpi) TIF or JPG image of choir, church or other suitable photograph for insertion into the CD design template of your choice.
  • Signed waiver from each choir participant stipulating no claim to an interest in the recording or compensation from the recording
YOU receive 1,000 (or more) commercial quality CDs of your parish choir singing 10 Catholic hymns and songs for only a fraction of what it would cost to produce the CD on your own.  

Rates and Guidelines


For only $8,500, you receive our Choral Recording Services and 1,000 professionally produced CDs.
You can increase the initial order of CDs in increments of 500 for an additional $3 per CD.

You can EARN $7,500 to $11,500 on the sale of your first 1,000 CDs.

You can EARN $12,500 to $18,500 on the sale of your first 1,500 CDs.


By necessity, ILP will own the master of this recording project. This ensures protection of the copyright of arrangements and accompaniments.

ILP may use any tracks from this recording for promotion of Choral Recording Services (CRS) or any ILP product, without any compensation due to anyone.

At ILP's sole discretion, ILP may opt to include the finished recording in its catalog of music, physical or digital. Should this occur, ILP will pay the additional mechanical royalties, manufacture and other related expenses, and ILP will pay your parish a standard 10% artist royalty for all sales.

ILP will hold the copyright of the project for the life of the work.

Parish may choose any title from the CRS catalog. In doing so, please make note of the differences in accompaniment.

Please note: This is a choral recording. CRS will include solo work within two (2) titles in the collection. Should the parish wish to incorporate additional titles with solo performances, each title that features a soloist will add a $250 premium.

Parish can choose from one of four design templates provided by CRS.

Parish will provide high quality image of choir to incorporate into design, as well as an accurate spelling of all participants in the choir.

Parish can re-order at any time in a minimum quantity of 1,000 CDs at a cost of only $3 per CD. Please allow 8 - 12 weeks for manufacture.

Meet the Engineer

Bob Williams
Program Director
Choral Recording Services

Bob is no stranger to the recording industry. He was educated at the University of Alabama, as well as Belmont University in Nashville, TN. Bob has been recording for over 20 years and has worked with many artists and producers across all genres. Some artists include Jennifer Holliday, The Katinas, Jars of Clay, Steve Angrisano, Mickey Gilley, Caedmons Call, Israel Houghton, Bill Gaither, The Booth Brothers, & Michael English. Bob has also produced and recorded over 200 choir projects across the country.