Spring 2014 Choral Music Packet

    Spring 2014 Choral Music Packet

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    The songs in this packet include:

    Remember You Are Dust by Joe Higginbotham
    My Soul Is Thirsting by Dan Feiten
    The King of Love My Shepherd Is Arranged by Gonzalo Gonzalez
    Sanctuary by Vince Ambrosetti
    Jesus is Risen Arranged by Gonzalo Gonzalez
    Weep No More by Beth Ann Martinez
    This Is the Day by Vince Ambrosetti
    Follow Me by Bill Svarda
    Sequence for Pentecost by Don Fishel
    Jesus, Our King by Jim Cowan
    I Am the Bread of Life by Vince Ambrosetti
    Psalm 104: Lord, Send Out by Sr. Stacy Whitfield
    Psalm 16: You Are My Inheritance by Michael Giszczak
    Mass of the Good Shepherd: Gloria by Jim Hughes
    Mass of the Good Shepherd: Sanctus by Jim Hughes