Saint Augustine Hymnal, 2nd Edition<br> with Lectionary

    Saint Augustine Hymnal, 2nd Edition
    with Lectionary

    Kevlar Cover, 3-year Subscription Hymnal

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    Format: Subscription Hymnal with Dated Readings

    The Saint Augustine Hymnal, 2nd Edition Kevlar Cover has 926 pages of music, mass settings, the Revised Order of Mass, AND DATED READINGS for the 3-year Lectionary. This hymnal provides everything your parish needs for Sunday Masses for an entire 3 year period. It also allows you to refresh your repertoire every three years.
    Website orders are limited to 16 books. For larger orders and shipping discounts, please contact a parish consultant at (615)599-4497.

    Annual payment plan of $5.65 per year / per book for 3 years.

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