Spring 2013 Choral Music Packet

    Spring 2013 Choral Music Packet

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    The songs in this packet include:

    Mass for American Martyrs: Gloria by Bill Svarda
    Mass for American Martyrs: Sanctus by Bill Svarda
    Be Still My Soul by Katharina A. Von Schlegel & Jean Sibelius
    The Lamb of Calvary by Jim Cowan
    Worthy Is the Lamb by Don Fishel
    That They Be One by Vince Ambrosetti
    Glory to the Risen King by Jim Cowan
    Christ the Lord is Risen Today *2-part Children's Choir by Dr. Gonzalo Gonzalez
    Hosanna to the King of Kings *4-part hymn setting by John Aldridge & Vince Ambrosetti
    Alleluia No. 1 by Don Fishel
    Pierce, O God, My Inmost Soul by Vince Ambrosetti
    Gift of Finest Wheat *Youth Version by Omer Westendorf & Robert E. Kreutz
    Breathe on Me, Breath of God by Dr. Gonzalo Gonzalez
    Praise to the Lord Medley Arranged by Wesley Blackstone
    Flesh and Clay by Ann Timmons