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Finally, there is one hymnal that consolidates your favorite traditional, and contemporary songs and hymns from OCP, WLP, ILP, GIA and Public Domain. The Saint Augustine Hymnal (SAH) includes your favorite titles from a variety of publishers, including ones that you grew up with and hold close to your heart. This is the only hymnal to draw on the entire rich musical history of the Church, from ancient times to the present.

The Saint Augustine Hymnal is a hymnal for the ENTIRE PARISH FAMILY.

To view the specific titles that are in both the SAH and other hymnals, click here.

 Saint Augustine Hymnal:
 Saint Augustine Hymnal:
 OCP Breaking Bread 192  41  OCP Breaking Bread 188  43
 OCP Music Issue Today's Missal 142  53  OCP Music Issue Today's Missal 180  51
 OCP Spirit & Song  53  81  OCP Spirit & Song  56 175
 OCP Heritage Missal 171  63  OCP Heritage Missal 164  67
 OCP Journey Songs 186 48  OCP Journey Songs 166  65
 WLP We Celebrate 159  75  WLP We Celebrate 145  86
 WLP Word & Song 141  93  WLP Word & Song 133  98
 WLP Season Missalette  98 136  WLP Season Missalette  94 137
 GIA Gather 3 133 101  GIA Gather 3 145  86
 GIA Worship IV 103 131  GIA Worship IV 104 127

Number of Songs in your current publication that can also be found in the Saint Augustine Hymnal.
Number of Songs that you know and love, but are not in your current publication.

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ONE hymnal. MANY publishers. LOWER cost.