Bishop David R. Choby

Bishop of the Diocese of Nashville, Tennessee

It has been my great pleasure to impart the Imprimatur for the Saint Augustine Hymnal, and aid in blazing the trail for the mission and work of International Liturgy Publications and LAMB Publications. The mission of ILP Music will bring forth a revitalization of sacred music within our local parishes as well as the Church universal. 




Fr. Patrick Nwokoye

Priest for the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau Missouri

  • The Saint Augustine Hymnal is all about good liturgical music and beauty – a hymnal that exposes us to the treasures of the Church thus reminding us once again that good sacred music rich in the Church’s theology can be an incredible conduit to experiencing God.
  • Good music is prayer – understood in this light, St. Augustine hymnal has done a magnificent work in combining good music and theology to come up with an exquisite and awesome tool for liturgical worship and catechesis
  • Finally the Eucharistic celebration is enriched and enlivened with good sacred music thanks to St. Augustine hymnal, we are able to sing a hymn of praise to God at the same time pray and learn.



Linda Zappe

Director of Music Ministry for All Saints Catholic Church, St. Louis, Missouri

After hearing selections from the Saint Augustine Hymnal, I was convinced this would be a hymnal for All Saints Catholic Church. I've been playing and singing Catholic Church music for over 25 years; these psalms, hymns, songs, everything in the Saint Augustine Hymnal is the very best liturgical music for our time in a changing world of Church music. It really is the very best.




Karen Zarandona

Director of Music Ministry for St. Sebastian Catholic Church, Sebastian, Florida

The St. Augustine Hymnal has been a wonderful addition to our parish. We love singing both the traditional hymns and well-loved songs interspersed with inspiring new pieces each week. It has truly brought our worship to a more prayerful and relevant level. Some of the most heart-felt comments we get are about the beautiful Responsorial Psalms. People sing and respond so much more; the Responsorial Psalms fit right into any Mass we prepare, including the youth Mass. The melody line emphasizes the message of the Psalms and engages people. There always seems to be a “hook” that makes the refrain easy to learn. Thank you for this incredible hymnal, and for coming to our parish with your mission and using the hymnal throughout the mission. It was one of our best decisions to have ParishMission.Org here to walk us through so much music, and help us learn to open our hearts and minds to embrace the refreshingly new music while maintaining the beautiful traditional music along with the beloved favorites. God bless ILP Music as your amazingly capable and gracious team continue to serve Him.









Ann O'Roark

Director of Music Ministry for Immaculate Heart of Mary, Granby, Massachusetts

Thank you for publishing the Saint Augustine Hymnal. The new music is refreshing and the resources in the hymnal allow me to tie the music more closely to the Rite of the Mass.

Our parish is particularly blessed by the broad selection of Eucharistic songs in the hymnal, especially those with short and reverent refrains set for a choir. At communion, we follow the guidelines for the Rite of Mass closely by starting the communion song when the priest receives Eucharist and continuing it until the last person receives. At last, I have found a way to bridge the tension between banquet and reverence at the Communion Procession. Your songs help make it possible.

Also, we are benefitting greatly from the inclusion of the Roman Missal chants in the hymnal and the wonderfully singable Mass of Renewal.

Lastly, we love the Responsorial Psalms in the hymnal. The settings are heartfelt while maintaining a community "voice" and matching the tone of meaning of the psalm. The musicians love the variety. After years of singing chant settings, this is more work but well worth it.

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