Book of Divine Worship

    Book of Divine Worship

    Permanent, Hardcover Ritual, Lectionary, and Prayer Book

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    Book of Divine Worship 2nd Edition is a comprehensive ritual, lectionary, and prayer book that encourages parishioners to actively participate in Mass.

    This book includes all Rites, Orders, and Sacraments celebrated both within and outside Mass (including scrutinies, sacraments, funerals and more).

    Book of Divine Worship conveys the timeless treasure of our faith through the inclusion of additional devotions and prayers and is a beautiful complement to any Catholic hymnal. 992 pages. Dimensions: 6-1/8"x9- 1/8"x1-3/8"

    Book of Divine Worship contains:
    - Order of Mass with rubrics and Eucharistic Prayers
    - 36 Rites and Orders of the Church celebrated both within and outside Mass
    - Rubrics for all Rites and Orders, featuring red and black print
    - Three-year Lectionary with entrance and communion antiphons
    - Detailed Triduum section
    - Additional side by side Latin-English Order of Mass (Novus Ordo)
    - Traditional Catholic prayers and devotions
    - Two elegant ribbons beautifully sewn into the binding

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