ILP is thrilled to announce the newest additions to our library

Palabra y Eucaristía - Word & Eucharist
Permanent hardcover Spanish-English bilingual missal.
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Word of the Lord, NAB Edition
A brand new permanent, hardcover enlarged-type missal, which includes the official text of the Lectionary for Mass for the Responsorial Psalms.

Word of the Lord, Grail Edition
Permanent, hardcover enlarged-type missal that includes the text of the Revised Grail Psalms for the Responsorial Psalms.

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Mass of Compassion by Jim Hughes
The Annunciation, Veni, Jesu, and Three Early American Hymn Tunes by Dr. William Tortolano
Grace Before Meals by Laura C. Demkovitz
Let Us Sing to the Lord by Victor A. Wheeler

Sing to the Lord - Year A

Sing to the Lord - Year A

Two-volume, spiral bound Responsorial Psalms and Gospel Acclamations to complement the Saint Augustine Hymnal

All-in-one for keyboard, voices, and guitar

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Give Thanks to the Lord - Year A

Give Thanks to the Lord - Year A

Single volume, spiral bound Psalms and Gospel acclamations from over 20 composers!

Easy to learn, all-in-one for keyboard, voices, and guitar. Complements the Credo Hymnal, Word & Eucharist Sunday Edition, Book of Divine Worship, and Book of Sacred Liturgy Sunday Edition

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The ILP 2017 Spring Catalog

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