Mechanical / Recording
What is a Mechanical License?

•Within the music industry, a mechanical license is a legal contract that permits the creation and sale of recordings (in the legal definition 'phonorecords') of a song which they did not write and/or do not have copyright over. It is an agreement with the composition copyright holder, the publisher, or the songwriter that allows the licensee to reproduce the composition -- recording, lyrics, for example. The recordings must not include synchronized images, so a DVD or video is excluded and must have a synchronization license instead.

It’s important to note that “mechanical” does not just mean CDs and other physical products. A mechanical license is required for many digital uses – permanent downloads, limited downloads, on-demand streams, ringtones, ringbacks, and more. Right now, only permanent downloads fall under the current statutory royalty rate.

TO REQUEST A LICENSE To request a license for any ILP Music copyrighted material, please call (615) 599-4497.