As the Deer Thirsts - CD DOWNLOAD

    As the Deer Thirsts - CD DOWNLOAD

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    Composer/Artist: E. Louis Canter, OEF
    Format: Downloadable MP3 Album

    As the Deer Thirsts is an inspired collection of prayerful songs by E. Louis Canter. Each song flows from a heart that longs to see the Peace of Christ penetrate and transform our broken and fallen world. Some of the works are specifically written for choir, while others are written for the singing congregation.

    E. Louis Canter drew inspiration from the writings of St. Francis of Assisi, Scripture, and the tragedy of the Orlando shooting to create this beautiful collection of music. The Pie Jesu is from his work Requiem for the Innocents, which examines the pain of abortion and offers the hope of reconciliation for those suffering its effects.

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