Requiem for the Innocents

    Requiem for the Innocents

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    Composer/Artist: E. Louis Canter, OEF
    Format: Conductor's Score and Parts
    Theme: Sanctity of Life

    Requiem for the Innocents by E. Louis Canter. Conductor's score plus individual extracted parts for flute, oboe, and cello.
    Requiem for the Innocents was composed to reflect on the deep effects of abortion, while offering the hope of reconciliation and forgiveness for its transgressions against life.
    There are two primary texts within the work. First are the texts from the Requiem Mass, which use the Latin language as a vehicle for expression. Second are the English texts from Scripture and the poems of women who had abortions. The English texts take the listener from the cry of Rachel for her lost children to the reflection of women who had abortions to the hope of reconciliation. Within the Requiem are narrations that further reflect on the effects of abortions.

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