Give Thanks to the Lord - Year C

    Give Thanks to the Lord - Year C

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    Give Thanks to the Lord, Year C: Responsorial Psalms and Gospel Acclamations according to the Lectionary for Mass.

    The musical selections in this collection complement the Credo Hymnal, Word & Eucharist Sunday Edition, Book of Divine Worship, and Book of Sacred Liturgy, Sunday Edition.

    This spiral-bound book includes simple, easy-to-learn Psalms and Gospel acclamations from over 20 composers including, Brian Nelson, Beverly McDevitt, Joe Higginbotham, and many others. All of the Psalms in this collection are stylistically traditional and have unmetered chant verses that can be sung by a cantor, unison choir, or a 4-part choir.

    Give Thanks to the Lord, Year C is available in one, all-in-one edition for choir, keyboard and guitar, and is organized in Liturgical order.