Sing to the Lord - Year C

    Sing to the Lord - Year C

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    Sing to the Lord, Year C: Responsorial Psalms and Gospel Acclamations according to the Lectionary for Mass
    The musical selections in this collection complement the Saint Augustine Hymnal.
    This spiral-bound, two volume set of Psalms and Gospel acclamations is a great collection for any parish who wants to refresh and energize their repertoire of Psalms. Sing to the Lord includes music from over 20 composers including Vince Ambrosetti, Donald Fishel, Roger Holtz, Bill Svarda, Jane Terwilliger and many others. Many of the Psalm settings in this collection have melodic, metrical verses and represent a variety of musical styles. Sing to the Lord, Year C is available in one, all-in-one, edition for choir, keyboard and guitar, and is organized in Liturgical order.