Psalms in His Presence, Year B Package

    Psalms in His Presence, Year B Package

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    Year B Package includes:
    * 1 - Year B CD
    * 1 - Year B Keyboard Accompaniment
    * 2 - Year B Vocal/Guitar Books
    * 1 - Year B Choral/Guitar Book
    * 6 - Year B Choral Refrain Books

    Psalms In His Presence, Sundays, Year B contains 45 expressive Responsorial Psalm that use the NAB Lectionary texts and is composed by the Songs In His Presence composer group. This collection is beautifully recorded, clearly engraved, and available in a variety of formats to best serve your accompanist, cantors and choristers. The CD includes over 150 minutes of prayerful listening, serves as an inspiring tool for cantor training, and facilitates personal and family devotions. Contributing composers are: Donald Fishel, Jane Terwilliger, Stacy Whitfield, S.G.L., Michael Giszczak, Amy Righi, Roger Holtz, Ann Berger, and Ann Fons

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